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sunday, january 23rd, 2022 - 1 pm


Cost for members is $50/player and $60/player for non members.

All teams must register by the end of day on January 16th with each member’s player name. 

Teams must have exactly 4 players.

Minimum of 6 teams and a maximum of 10 teams required to hold the tournament.

All players must be at least 16 years of age.

Call 980-207-4400 to reserve your spot.


Qualifying rounds will be round robin style where each team will play at least 4 matches.

Teams will be placed in rounds based on a 3rd party bracket generator.

The 4 teams with the highest scores in qualifying rounds will be seeded accordingly in a double elimination championship bracket that will determine the top 4 teams. 

Championship bracket teams will play two games each round. Once on red side and once on blue side.

Tie breakers will be decided by one head to head matchup. Coin tosses will determine team sides.


No player substitution once the tournament has started.

Music and lighting will be chosen by field officers and will be the same for all teams.

Games to be played will be revealed on the day of the tournament

Each game will be a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 8 minutes.

District field officers will flip a coin to determine which team is placed on red or blue. After the first match, teams will swap sides. 

Each game type will have its own specific rule set to be given at the beginning of the tournament.


1st place team  = Cash prize

2nd place team = Cash prize and District 57 gift

3rd place team  = District 57 gift


Equipment malfunctions will not stop a match. Players must promptly see a field officer to swap equipment. 

Rule Infractions

Rules must be followed at all times even though it is not possible for field officers to witness all infractions. Players will be warned for their first offense. After initial warning, infractions will result in point deductions from the team’s overall match points. Frequent offenders will be removed from the tournament. List of infractions include but are  not limited to: running – jumping – climbing – dead talking – blind firing

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